Taiwan’s 102nd Anniversary!

On the 10th of October Taiwan celebrated its 102nd anniversary. Due to our long-term relationship of over 21 years with the Horizon shipyard, Ron joined the celebration.

At the same time Ron was able to finalize the interior design and finish the final specification with the owners of a new Horizon V82 to be constructed.

Furthermore the construction schedule for two new Horizon E56s (shown on the picture with the duck) and the new model E66 which will soon come off the drawing board needed to be discussed.

Whilst there, Ron got the chance to view the 18-meter inflatable duck created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman on Kaohsiung’s Love River. Hofman has taken various versions around the world to spread a message of happiness. The little yellow friend, which holds the title of second largest rubber duck in the world, is expected to attract three million visitors and plans to spend a full month in the harbor of Kaohsiung.

Kaohsiung’s next outstanding event will be Taiwan’s first boat show – the Taiwan International Boat Show in 2014. It will be held from May 8th till 11th 2014 at the new constructed Kaohsiung Exhibition Center next to the Love River (see picture).