New Horizon RP120 Superyacht under construction

As the first month in the New Year came to a close, Horizon Yachts was busy with continuing new build projects, including a brand new Horizon RP120 superyacht under construction; they recently completed one of the main construction stages for the RP120, joining the hull and superstructure. For every yacht that is newly designed, Horizon’s in-house engineers and build employees take every step to make sure that the hull and superstructure aligns properly – it is critical that every station mark matches between the hull and deck, and the joining of the hull and superstructure is not carried out until every mark is checked and approved by their dedicated staff.   

Horizon Group CEO, John Lu, said:

“A yacht is comprised of thousands of steps and hours of hard work by hundreds of people. Our commitment to quality means that countless examinations much be performed during the build process, which brings our owners not only a safe but also a comfortable Horizon yacht.”

Horizon will continue our strive towards excellence in yacht construction and quality, and we will provide more updates on the Horizon RP120 superyacht as she progresses.