Horizon‘s Dedication to Wood

Since its inception, Horizon has been dedicated to building high-quality luxury yachts with innovative designs, excellent craftsmanship and flexible customization options, while also improving upon manufacturing processes and technologies. This dedication has won Horizon many international awards and resulted in satisfied owners from around the world.

Through the years, Horizon has also become well-known for the beautiful interior woods and workmanship found on board of our yachts. Our Woodworking departments are a large part of the Horizon construction process – from wood selection and installation to quality control.

In order to ensure the best quality wood possible, Horizon closely monitors all wood sources we utilize, including American cherry, walnut, oak, teak, mahogany and cherry mahogany for the finest grains and colors. Horizon also places great importance on an advanced woodworking equipment and owns two wood heat treatment facilities that follow international quarantine standards and are able to treat over 1,300 pieces of wood at one time. Horizon has also a central dust collection facility which assures clean air inside the factory and also helps reduce grinding dust from drifting into other areas.

With more than 20 wood craftsmen who have 20 years or more experience in their field, Horizon is able to provide our owners not only with the yacht interior of their choice but also the peace of mind that comes with Horizon’s renowned craftsmanship and quality.